Jocker Alejandro
Property Agent at the City of San Diego

“I just wanted to take this time to say that I truly enjoyed taking your IRWA Easement Valuation class. The most enjoyable part of the class was sharing our experiences and projects in order to relate them to the course topics. I found that more practical and engaging than just going through the text verbatim. Also, it helped reinforce the struggles that appraisers encounter on sophisticated and complex projects, especially when there isn’t much data available. I hope to take another one of your IRWA classes soon. Thanks again!”

Brett A. Paulson
SR/WA, Right of Way Consultant

“Nice to have more in-depth analysis of actual impacts than just assumptions.”

Don Kolojek, MBA, LSSMBB,
Performance Management Consultant at Cavalry Management Consultants

“Very informative, thanks Orell – what you have to say is a tremendous contribution to the Real Estate and Appraisal industry.”

Nick Chop, MAI
Principal at Florida Valuation, Inc.

“By far you are the best appraiser writer in the business. Always informational Orell!”

Meav Goodrich
Supervising Appraiser at Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office

“With over two decades of his professional career focused primarily on distressed properties, Orell has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge about appraisals. He was one of the presenters at the Annual 2014 Spring Conference for the Society of Auditor Appraisers. His dynamic presentation effectively conveyed complex appraisal theory in an entertaining manner. He provided…more”

Joseph Munsey, RPL
Senior Land Advisor at Southern California Gas Company

“Orell and I sit on the board of a professional organization in Southern California, whereupon he was also the chapter president. The organization appreciates his leadership skills and professional expertise he brings to our community of professionals; which the organization is made up of many differing disciplines such as legal [eminent domain], oil/gas land and…more”

Brent Mackay
Partner at Watt, Tieder, Hoffar Fitzgerald LLP

“Orell is the quintessential expert. He is smart, experienced, and maintains a strong presence. Any discussion involving potential damages experts should include Orell. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Matthew Balkman
Investment Real Estate Advisor at Turning Point Realty Advisors LLC

“Orell is creative and uses his vast experience to solve problems. He finds win-win solutions which help expedite the process; a refreshing approach. Thanks Orell!”

Michael G. Dang, MBA, JD
Chief of Federal and State Programs, State of Nevada Housing Division

“Orell and I have known each other since 2003. Ever since I’ve known him he gets the job done well and on time. In working with him, you’ll find he is a man of kindness, encouragement and passionate service. He is one of those unusual people who feel that service is the rent one pays for life. And he serves in the community as well as he serves his clients. It’s in his core…more”

Fred Walasavage
Environmental Specialist at BPA

“As an Environmental Professional specializing in conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for property acquisitions, I look upon Orell as a valuable resource in the industry. Through his vast experience, Orell has developed a keen insight into the valuation of contaminated properties. I have served with Orell on the IRWA International Environmental Committee for…more”

Barbara Billitzer
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Right of Way Magazine

“I have enjoyed working with Orell on a variety of industry-related projects. As a writer, instructor and speaker, he is highly respected in the right of way profession. With his expertise in organizational leadership (and a great sense of humor), Orell can always be relied on for new insight and perspective into many of the issues facing our industry today.”

Treg Julander
Of Counsel at Ostergar Law Group PC

“I hired Orell to help me on two lawsuits involving novel real estate damages issues and several hundred thousand dollars at stake. He displayed superior expertise and extraordinary creativity in analyzing the unique issues. His presentation is very professional. The written work he delivered was thorough and high quality. He is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Orell.”

Jeffrey Pollock
Partner at Fox Rothschild

“Appraisal of impaired properties combines science, common sense, and business acumen–Orell Anderson has mastered the application of all three. Orell is one of a few appraisers capable of taking on the toughest properties. Forming a solid opinion, and then capable of advocating his opinion. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Chris Banks, SR/WA
Senior Land Management Agent at Salt River Project

“Orell is one of the most knowledgeable appraisers that I have ever known. I have attended courses that he facilitated and/or developed and have always been impressed by his level of expertise in his field. His ability to solve some of the most complex appraisal problems is unsurpassed. I would not hesitate to recommend Orell as an appraiser, facilitator or a friend.”

Kevin Bruno
Practice Group Leader, Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources Practice Group at Blank Rome LLP

“Orell is one of the most knowledgeable experts in his field and he has remained at the cutting edge of calculating and quantifying property damage/loss. He is a pleasure to work with, and his skill set and organization make him a valued member of any project.”

Steven R. Smith, MSREA, MAI, SRA
Smith Realty Advisors

“I have known Orell professionally for almost 20 yeas and have always found him forthright and honest in his dealings.”

Valerie Fries Wade, MM, CAE
Account Management Executive at Kenway Consultants, Inc.

“Orell has worked with me through my entire tenure at IRWA and through that time has worn several hats: contractor/course developer, instructor, and volunteer leader. His exceptional knowledge goes beyond that of his published works and I never fail to come away from a conversation enlightened. Orell is more than a business colleague; he has become a trusted and revered friend.”

DeLane Matthews, SRA
Squared Infinity

“Orell Anderson is ethically driven toward solution. He has my respect and gratitude.”

Michael Brunson, MAI
Partner at Brunson-Jiu, LLC | 2014 President at National Association of Appraisers

“Orell is one of the most demanding and yet one of the most pleasant individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working for. He is very detail oriented and will not settle for anything less than exceptional work from himself or his team.”

Robert Whittle
Vice President Licensing at GE Ventures

“Orell is one of the most likable yet professional people you will ever meet. His working knowledge of Real Estate Damages and ability to bring that knowledge down to the real world is an incredible strength.”

… and one rather negative comment: